Jazz for Mr Ives, Jazz for Mr Serocki - new music from Rafał Gorzycki and Composers Collective

Jazz for Mr Ives - cover

Rafał Gorzycki has formed a new band called: Brombergian Composers Collective (BKK) and recorded  the music combining modern jazz and chamber contemporary with young composers and performers - Mikołaj Sarad (sexes) and Bartłomiej Chmara ( live electr.) . Brend new album`s premiere is planned on June 2022 and it is a hommage to 2  great composers: Kazimierz Serocki and Charles Ives - both died and discovered at last.  In honor of Serocki`s upcoming 100th birthday we already present the music from the album.....

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Project financially supported by Województwo Kujawsko-Pomorskie and City od Bydgoszcz/Poland:

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