Kamil Pater - guitar
Irek Wojtczak - saxes
Pawel Urowski - double bass
Rafal Gorzycki - drums

"Pater, Wojtczak, Urowski, Gorzycki" - A-kineton is the band transformed from a Dziki Jazz Quartet. This project has been created by the guitarist Kamil Pater who is the member of the band ,,Contemporary Noise Sextet" and by the saxophonist Aleksander Kamiński- the member of the band ,"Lamia Reno" . Aleksander has been cooperating with the bands ,,Sing Sing Penelope" and ,,Contemporary Noise Sextet" for two years. The drummer Rafał Gorzycki (Sing Sing Penelope, Ecstasy Project, Maestro Trytony, Trio Poems) and the double bass player Pawel Urowski ( B.U.M. Trio, Soul Essense, Ecstasy Project, Contemporary Noise Quintet) has also joined the group. In July 2009 ,after over one-year cooperation the band recorded an album in the Electric Eye studio. The music is a combination of expressive jazz and free jazz with elements of illustrative music. "Wild Jazz" (eng: Dziki Jazz) is the effect of this combination. 

The band was nominated in 2010 for the Polish National Music Awards " Fryderyki" for the Best Jazz Debut of the Year