Ensemble Tuning/Ensemble Tuning XIII

Ensemble Tuning

  • Tomasz Pawlicki -  flet , elektronika/ flute, electronics
  • Kuba Ziołek  - elektronika /electronics
  • Rafał Gorzycki – perkusja, elektronika, drums / electronics

The members of the group are very special:  Tomasz Pawlicki – one of the greatest flute player in Poland, first soloist of Opera Nova in  Bydgoszcz, composer and  Kuba Ziołek  - electronics –the winner of the most important Polish media Award for Young Artists - „Passport of Politics”.  Kuba is a lider of many important project and bands presenting avangarde, electronics and improvised music.

The idea of  Ensemble Tuning is to concentrate on the sound of the music, transform and tuning it and provide the sound as the most important part of creation in music. Cracow label - Audio Cave -released the album on November 2018.

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Ensemble Tuning XIII

  • Piotr Mełech  -  clarinet, bass clarinet
  • Michał Górczyński - clarinet, bass clarinet, contrabass clarinet
  • Jakub Królikowski - piano
  • Rafał Gorzycki –  drums, electronics, harmonica

A new variant of  Ensemble Tuning, the  Ensemble Tuning XIII from Rafal Gorzycki it is next  chamber music project which Rafal begun with albums : Playing (lab. For Tune, 2016), Tuning (lab. Audio Cave, 2018).

The album of Ensemble Tuning XIII - " Music for three instruments".  is semi composed/semi improvised music combining jazz and chamber contemporary languages within 2 clarinets (Michał Górczyński, Piotr Mełech ), piano (Jakub Królikowski) and drums (leader). Cd is released by Warsaw Opus Series Records and its already available ...

listen to composition - Tułów - from the album : Music for three instruments - SoundCloud

Watche the video - Wełna/Wool - from the album : Music for three instruments - YouTube