Bydgoszcz`s Composers Collective

  • Mikołaj Sarad -  alto & soprano saxophones, piano
  • Bartłomiej Chmara - live electronics
  • Rafał Gorzycki –drums, piano, harmonica

"Trying for years to answer the question - is jazz dead, I have repeatedly recognised this and turned away from it. Among other things, that's why I took up composition. I found it a much richer and more attractive space for me. Every so often, however, I would come across music that made me feel that I was wrong. Willy-nilly, I isolated myself from jazz until it came to a moment when I was ready to weave it into my new language and say jazz is alive. I was reminded of Herbie Hancock's words about how jazz will be a living music as long as, and as long as, there are artists in the world who try to do different, new and sometimes strange things with it.

Jazz for Mr Ives, Jazz for Mr Serocki" is such a project, which aspires to be avant-garde by proposing, no longer new, but still on the sidelines, a transgressive path. We put into your hands a vision of our jazz, the jazz of the next decades of the 21st century inspired by the jazz-loving, greatest innovators and revolutionaries of the 20th century - Charles Ives and Kazimierz Serocki."

Rafał Gorzycki

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